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SF Chocolate Salon 2010 from the Seattle PI #fb

March 26, 2010

From the Seattle PI


An alternate chocolate production process was presented by a purple-robed giant with butterflies in his hair.

Okay, the giant part may be a slight exaggeration, but he easily towered over everyone in the room. As for the robes and the butterflies, I couldn’t invent those if I tried. Sacred Chocolate, New-Aged to the point of retro in its display, was one of two raw-chocolate producers whose wares we sampled. “Raw chocolate?” you ask. “I thought chocolate had to be roasted. Don’t they at least have to melt it or something?” Apparently not. In the production of raw chocolate, the whole cacao bean is stone-milled like flour for four days. However, instead of turning to powder, the bean is pulped into a butter, much like the result of grinding peanuts. The resulting chocolate is intense, but even the minimally sweetened bars were not bitter. I tried several of the company’s flavored chocolates, but the chocolate itself overwhelmed the other flavors, rendering them nearly indistinguishable.

Mike Zwiebach

Sales Manager

Sacred Chocolate

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