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Neurotransmitter Modulating Agents

June 25, 2010

“Because of cacao’s large size we should call it a nut (like cashew, which like cacao, is also the seed of a fruit). Normally nuts and seeds contain enzyme inhibitors that attempt to inhibit our digestion so that we do not eat the tree or plant to extinction. That is the main reason why eating too many raw nuts and seeds in a meal causes us to feel uncomfortably full, and also may cause constipation. With cacao, the situation seems to be a little bit different as cacao is a laxative and possesses other types of enzyme inhibitors.

Sacred Chocolate Magic

From our knowledge of pharmacology, we believe that cacao may contain no (or insignificant amount of) digestive enzymes inhibitors, and instead possesses neurotransmitter modulating enzyme inhibitors such as monoamine oxidase enzyme inhibitors or related compounds (we already know for example, that cacao has two anandamide uptake inhibitors, so it is reasonable to assume there are others.)

Monoamine oxidase (MAO) refers to two classes of enzymes (MAO A and MAO B) that in the human body, eat up or recycle neurotransmittors such as serotonin, dopamine, adrenalin, noradrenalin, etc. When we are young we produce lots of neurotransmittors and therefore experience more joy, curiosity and excitement. As we age, monoamine oxidase enzymes become more aggressive and recycle our neurotransmittors too early, therefore lowering the level of our neurotransmittors. A low level of neurotransmittors has been linked to depression, grumpy behaviour, unpleasant moodiness and the process of aging itself.” Naked Chocolate, David Wolfe, pp 63

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