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Chocolate Toothpaste

June 26, 2010

“There has long been an association with chocolate and the health benefit of the teeth.We find, for example that Charlie Bucket’s father in the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory works in a toothpaste factory.

Interestingly, cacao itself is actually good for the teeth. The consumption of cacao with the skins seems to decrease cavities. Research has shown that the tannins in the cacao and its skin prevent tooth decay.” Naked Chocolate, David Wolfe

“The cacao bean husk has been shown to possess two types of cariostatic substances, one showing anti-glucosyltransferase (GTF) activity and the other antibacterial activity, and to inhibit experimental dental caries.” K. Osawa Read more about the scientific research on teeth and theobroma cacao.

Sacred Chocolate is the only chocolate bar stone ground with the skins.

Cacao Beans

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