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Cocoa, chocolate and aphrodisiac properties

June 29, 2010

Ancient Cacao Drawing

Ancient Cacao Drawing, Copyright Sacred Chocolate

Cocoa and chocolate have been reported to exert several effects on human sexuality, acting mainly as an effective aphrodisiac, increasing sexual desire and improving sexual pleasure. They have been claimed to contain a chemical substance known as phenylethylamine, which has been reported to stimulate the hypothalamus, inducing pleasurable sensations as well as affecting the levels of two neurotransmitters – 5-hydroxytrytamine (serotonin) and endorphins in the brain – hence enhancing mood lifting and sexual drive. These chemicals occur naturally and are released by the brain into the nervous system during situations of happiness and feelings of love, passion and/or lust. This causes a rapid mood change, a rise in blood pressure, an increase in heart rate and an inducement of those feelings of well-being bordering on euphoria that are usually associated with being in love.

Read whole article and report here.


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