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Get Naked with….

August 4, 2010

Stone Ground Raw Organic Chocolate…. That is Sacred Chocolate!

Theobroma cacao Beans

From Naked Cacao Beans to Sacred Chocolate bars

When it comes to choosing your favorite chocolate bars for the maximal health benefits there are many choices. The most effective studies on chocolate are all related to simple rich dark chocolate. Many scientific studies have confirmed that the method of processing the chocolate from the raw theobroma cacao bean to the final chocolate bar is crucial in preserving all the magical properties of the naked chocolate bean. Sacred Chocolate delivers the magic with pure naked chocolate beans stone ground in their skins to creamy perfection to maximize your bodies access to the health enhancing antioxidants, polyphenols, amino acids and minerals. When you bite into a Sacred Chocolate bar you immediately feel the passion of the raw chocolate bean open up your creative, loving being as your heart bursts with child like joy and wonder.

“Antioxidants in foods have gained much attention in recent years and cocoa powders tend to have relatively high amounts.  As cocoa makes its way from fresh beans to finished products like cocoa powder and chocolate, the concentration of antioxidant compounds can be affected by a variety of biological and processing conditions. ” Flavanols, the Kuna, cocoa consumption, and nitric oxide.

Stone Ground Raw Naked Sacred Chocolate available HERE

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