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Sacred Chocolate CCOF (organic) audits

June 14, 2012

Today Sacred Chocolate passed two, yes two hugely and important audits. The first was an expected audit with CCOF to keep our certified organic status which we passed quickly and easily. The second was a SURPRISE audit with California State Health at the same time as the CCOF audit (what are the chances of that happening?). Again, we passed that audit and our new license at our new and fabulous facility in Novato will be issued.

Sacred Chocolate goes to great lengths to make sure we not only have the best tasting and healthiest chocolate ever, but we also have all of the proper certifications to back it up. Not an easy task in the state of California which has the most strict food processing laws in the United States. Everyone at Sacred Chocolate takes pride in the work we do every day to make sure we produce the finest, best tasting and safest product available.

Bonnie Frese

Sacred Chocolate: The marriage of artisanal chocolate and superior nutrition.

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