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David Wolfe & Sacred Chocolate

August 9, 2012

Have you always wanted to meet David Wolfe up close and personal? Have you always wanted to speak to him about a topic that interests you? Well the opportunity to meet David and have time to speak to him has arrived and it’s FREE. On September 27th David will be at two book signings at Mollie Stone’s. This is a Free event where you can meet David, have him sign one of his books which munching on Sacred Chocolate, the most delicious and healthy chocolate on the planet. Mark this event on your schedule so you don’t miss this amazing opportunity. Where does this great opportunity take place?

September 27th at:

11 am – 1 pm, Mollie Stone’s Palo Alto – 164 S. California St

3 pm – 5 pm, Mollie Stone’s Burlingame – 1477 Chapin Ave.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Bonnie Frese

Sacred Chocolate: The marriage of artisanal chocolate and superior nutrition.

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