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Giving Thanks with Sacred Chocolate

November 21, 2013

Sacred Chocolate Newsletter – Thanksgiving Edition

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Thanksgiving is a Time for Gratitude
We ♥ Thanksgiving!
Gratitude is the frequency surrounding each hand-wrapped Sacred Chocolate heart bar. This Thanksgiving, it’s all about sharing the LOVE!


Reishi Mushroom
Lord Cacao’s Corner / David Wolfe
Thanksgiving time in America is when the flu season is in full swing and the mushroom hunting season is coming to an end. Connecting the dots together, we find that perhaps the best class of superherbs to nourish our immune system during this time of year is the medicinal mushrooms.
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Immuno Mushroom Chocolate Heart Bar
Immuno Mushroom Chocolate
Sacred Chocolate’s Immuno Mushroom bar is full of medicinal mushrooms: wild chaga, reishi, maitake, shiitake, turkey tail, cordyceps, oyster, lion’s mane, and more! It captures those deep medicinal flavor notes, yet possesses that raw creaminess associated with Sacred Chocolate.
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Giving Thanks!
Giving Gratitude with Sacred Steve
How do you express your gratitude? Sacred Chocolate heart bars make a thoughtful and loving gesture of appreciation, serving as a catalyst of passion & kindness.

♥ In appreciation of your support, enjoy special savings of 15% with coupon code ‘sacredbliss’ on all online orders until Dec. 1st. Remember to order soon to receive your artisan chocolate gifts before Thanksgiving!

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Longevity Bliss Chocolate Heart Bar
A Message From David Wolfe
"I recommend having some Immuno Mushroom ready to go as the weather changes, and when friends and family are under the weather. Another powerful remedy is strengthening your immune system rock solid with Hops X Factor – the cell protector!

Longevity Bliss bar is designed to combat metabolic syndrome, improve androgens, fight bad estrogen, and increase longevity."

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Save 15% with Coupon Code ‘sacredbliss’

on all ONLINE ORDERS – offer expires December 1st

This THANKSGIVING, we invite you to show your gratitude
to those you LOVE by giving them Sacred Chocolate!

PS – This Holiday, plan ahead for Christmas and give the gift of Longevity to yourself and loved ones. Visit our store to get inspired!

"Remember, adding sacred chocolate and medicinal mushrooms to your diet makes it easier to feel the enchantment of living." – David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe

RAW. VEGAN. ORGANIC. Artisan hand-crafted pure chocolate. Stone ground below 115 °F. Sweetened with Maple Sugar. DIABETIC FRIENDLY. Dairy/Gluten/Soy/Cane Sugar FREE!
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