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Sacred Chocolate’s inspiring Kids to demystify Halloween with a simple contest

October 31, 2014


THESE KIDS have inspired us this Halloween, and we hope you will also feel inspired and moved by the impact and the magic present around this beloved celebration!

Sacred Chocolate Contest

Daniel Bissonnette and his brother inspire kids to eat organic treats for Halloween

Inspiration from our Social Media Contest:

Daniel is a #Voice4Kids he grew up on a plant-based, wholefood, and organic diet; and is passionate about ‘Speaking for a Cause’ especially GMO-free future of food and #GmoFreeKIDS!

In his own channel on YouTube, he gets friends to trash their #GMOsnacks, explaining the hidden ingredients in his videos and why GO Organic! “Eat the Rainbow!” – he says instead and the best ever #sacredchocolate #SacredHalloween

This 2-minute video has touched us, and we hope you will also be inspired to nourish our young ones to more nurturing treats and plant-based, organic nutrition. W’d like to think that our simple Halloween contest will create the sweetest ever ripple-effect inspiring kids to eat organic 🙂

9-year-old Daniel Bissonnette teaches his younger brother about reading labels and ‘real-food’ ingredients in real-chocolate! So amazing to see kids tell each other about the GMOs in candy, and why stay away from conventional candy. Choose organic, dairy-free chocolate this HALLOWEEN because #GMOS are SPOOKY!

@Wildgoods for Sacred Contest

Sacred Chocolate Contest Special: #SacredHalloween

ЅᎯℂℛℰⅅ ⓗⓐⓛⓛⓞⓦⓔⓔⓝ Let the #wonder and #mystery begin!! ✨🎩 ᏇℐℤᎯℛⅅ ℋℰᎯℛt 👀✨🌚✨ #SacredHeart bar: #midnight #raw #vegan #dairyfree pure #cacao @sacredchocolate Nom nom nom kapoof! #crow and a #littleyogi #universallove ~ #HappyHalloween starring Ellie & Karina @Wildgoods *Wishing you the best #HALLOWEEN ever!!!

Sacred Contest @wildgoods chocolate Fairy

Sacred Halloween Contest’s own Chocolate Fairy starring Ellie from @wildgoods

🎁 This year, our #SacredContest has reached Ancient Egypt!
“…Even Cleopatra loves Sacred Chocolate!”- @HerbEnthusiast ❤

@HerbEnthusiast entry


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