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Contest Winners and what your kids have taught us this Halloween 2014

November 5, 2014

The Winners of our ЅᎯℂℛℰⅅ ⓗⓐⓛⓛⓞⓦⓔⓔⓝ Contest ✨🎩  2014 David Wolfe says that he is doing exactly what he wanted to do as a kid. If you saw him speak live, he would often repeat this quote: “The secret dreams of our childhood become our reality. Direction determines destination” These Kids are full of imagination and inspiration, making the BEST BLOG EVER for chocolate lovers. Special ‘Thanks’ to all their MOMs for going out of their way to bring the MAGIC of Sacred Chocolate home! Your kids have taught us that they love special treats, especially when they are invited to learn about the great-tasting natural foods, that they have learned to love and play with. PS. Kids are not intimidated by exotic super-foods, they are fascinated by them! Every time we host a contest, we are amazed by how much creativity, dedication, and important messages are being shared in the growing online community! This is also a time when kids feel that they have a platform to be something extraordinary and speak their minds. The following ART shared on social media in October, is the perfect example. Enjoy! Winner 1: #SacredHalloween  Ellie & Karina @Wildgoods ✨🎩 ᏇℐℤᎯℛⅅ ℋℰᎯℛt 👀✨🌚✨ #SacredHeart bar… pure #cacao Nom nom nom kapoof!

Ellie via @Wildgoods

Ellie – The Mistress of the Sacred Heart via @Wildgoods

Sacred Chocolate Contest

Daniel Bissonnette and his brother inspire kids to eat organic treats for Halloween

Winner 2: #SacredHalloweenStore The Bissonnette Family Filmed at I love Health Store! This 2-minute video has touched us, and we hope you will also be inspired to nourish your young ones to more nurturing treats with plant-based, organic nutrition. We believe that Daniel is creating the sweetest ‘ripple-effect’ inspiring kids to eat organic 🙂 9-year-old Daniel Bissonnette teaches his younger brother about reading labels and ‘real-food’ ingredients in real-chocolate! This video was created during the Halloween week in Vancouver’s trendy I love Healthy Boutique! This store was one of the first to bring sacred chocolate to Western Canada; while educating health enthusiasts about raw, vegan chocolate.  This is why we are increasing the contest prize of 12 Sacred Chocolate Hearts with our new MINI-Hearts collection!  Daniel is a ‘Voice-for-Kids’ and he has shared a special message with our community from Canada! He grew up on a plant-based, wholefood, and organic diet, and is passionate about ‘Speaking for a Cause’ especially GMO-free future of food and Gmo-Free KIDS! Search for his YouTube videos, as he gets friends to trash their GMO-snacks. Explaining the hidden ingredients common in kids’ foods in such a fun and effective way; and why GO Organic and “Eat the Rainbow!” “See you next year, get your costumes ready!” – says the Chocolate Fairy! Starring Ellie & Karina @Wildgoods – Wishing you the BEST HALLOWEEN EVER!!!

Sacred Contest @wildgoods chocolate Fairy

Sacred Halloween Contest’s own Chocolate Fairy starring Ellie from @wildgoods #EatSacred

Sacred Chocolate's future leaders! The next generation of Chocolate Makers.

Sacred Chocolate’s future leaders! The next generation of Chocolate Makers.

From our Hearts to Yours, THANK YOU from ЅᎯℂℛℰⅅ TEAM & Community~ BIG THANKS to all the MOMs for going out of their way to bring the magic of Sacred Chocolate home 🙂 SPECIAL RECOGNITION FOR  @HerbEnthusiast and her daughter for the best and sweetest Cleopatra, that we have ever seen! Follow this amazing mom and herb-muse & gardener on Twitter and Instagram!

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