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SACRED LOVE Talk by “Sacred Steve” Adler in GERMANY on February 28, 2015

January 12, 2015


Special Presentation with Steve Adler in Germany during the Heart Month: February 28th, 2015.

Andreashof-Überlingen (Lecture in English with German translation)

How does an aerospace engineer develop the idea to produce the finest organic raw chocolate in a heart-shape?

Discover the TRUE nature of LOVE: Source and content of life and basis of all religions – route and destination of mankind. Love is the way to realization, fulfillment, health and happiness. About these and other fascinating aspects of LOVE, Steve Adler aka “Sacred Steve” will share in person! More information on the Event Poster: PLAKAT STEVE, DAVID & GLENDA.pdf

Sacred Steve is a graduate of the Elite Stanford University. Today, he is known as the King of the organic raw chocolate ‘movement’ as well as a pioneer with his business partner, David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe, AKA “Lord Cacao” – the famous “Raw Food Guru” from California.

“What it actually means to be a true Chocolatier is to be a lover of all. A person here to save the planet, heal the planet, and enjoy the massive abundance on the planet – sharing with all. A Chocolatier is someone who is zany, funny, wears their heart on their sleeve, and loves to play with kids… The peace of God can always be found in the heart of the Chocolatier.”

– Steve Adler, the Founder and Master Chocolate Maker of the award-winning Sacred Chocolate!

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 10.03.21 AM

Sacred Steve will reveal his personal path as a visionary, entrepreneur, and practical mystic. What it takes to be a true alchemist of LOVE and a ‘bridge-builder’ between science and spirituality. Special references will be made to the bestseller book by Glenda Green – “Love without End” which changed his life from the ground up to henceforth – living from the heart and inspiring people of all cultures to connect with their center, their sacred heart  (the divine core) to discover their true gifts and realize their dreams – in harmony with nature and for the benefit of all beings.

Lecture in English with German translation

28.02.2015 – 7pm


Tickets are available at the Tourist Office:

presale € 11.00 / € 13.00 box office


SACRED LOVE – Leben aus dem Herzen

Sacred Steve’s award-winning Chocolate:


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